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You too can dress yourself as one of the iconic members of KISS this Halloween when you purchase yourself a KISS mask from our collection, but the question is who will you be?

kiss-demon-maskKISS Demon Mask (Gene Simmons)

Gene Simmons was the original creator of the iconic Rock band, Wicked Lester, and it was his vision and ambition that saw Wicked Lester develop into the highly successful, multi award winning rock band that we all know today as KISS. He wore his iconic Demon makeup whilst on stage with his other band members. Get exclusive officially licensed KISS costumes for concerts or Halloween!

This is the perfect Demon mask for any big fan of the KISS lead vocalist and bass guitarist. This mask is highly authentic and of awesome quality, it’s made from latext and other synthetic fibers, it will fit most adults. It also includes that long tongue that was Gene Simmons trademark.

As you would expect, the mask is white and black in color with the classic Gene Simmons tongue protruding from the mouth of the mask showing the white teeth. The mask covers the entire head and comes with the curly black mop of hair, classic to the Gene Simmons style. With this mask on you’ll feel like you are leading the rock band to victory this Halloween as their fearless rock leader!

KISS Starchild Mask (Paul Stanley)kiss-starchild-mask

Stanley Harvey Eisen, otherwise known by the stage name Paul Stanley, was born in 1952 and is one of the current lead and backing vocalists of KISS. Paul has been with KISS since their creation along with Gene Simmons, during his time with the band he has also spent some of it playing the bass guitar.

Paul Stanley is known on stage as the Starchild and is known for wearing the star over his right eye and the bright red lipstick. Paul is the bands front man and wrote many of the KISS top hits.

This mask is perfect for any fan of the lead vocalist and guitarist, it will transform any starry eyed rock star into the Starchild for a night of rock and fun. This KISS Starchild mask fits fully over the head and is made from full latex. The makeup portrayed onto the mask is identical to that seen being worn by Paul Stanley himself when on stage at various gigs, with the well know right eye star in black, red lipstick and white face paint. The mask also includes the long, black frizzy hair from front to back.

This mask would be perfectly accompanied with an inflatable guitar or microphone.

KISS Spaceman Mask (Ace Frehley & Tommy Thayer)

The Spaceman has been an on stage character of KISS from the very beginning of their inception in the 1970’s, but he hasn’t always being played by the same person. Origionally The Spaceman was played by Ace Frehley who was a lead guitarist and vocalist from 1973 – 1982 and from 1996 – 2002. Frehley left the band in 2002 during the closing cermonies of the Winter Olympics and was soon replaced by their former manager Tommy Thayer.

Tommy Thayer played The Spaceman perfectly until present day, with the classic makeup and antics of the former member.

This mask will be the number one choice for any fan of The Spaceman. The look of The Spaceman Mask is slightly more gothic looking than other members of KISS, it’s made from latex and will fit most adults, also if it gets dirty then it’s completely wipe clean so no worries on that front.

The mask shows off the classic makeup of The Spaceman with the silver star styled shape over the face surrounded by the black outline. The black lipstick is painted on in a classic “pointy” shape like the rest of the makeup. The look and feel of the mask is completed with the dark black mop of hair which runs from front to back, this mask is a full head mask.

To finish off the effect of the mask you could even go complete with an inflatable guitar or microphone.

KISS Catman Mask (Peter Criss & Eric Singer)kiss-catman-mask

Peter George John Criscuola, otherwise known as Peter Criss was a drummer for KISS on and off up until around 2004. He originally left the band in the late 70’s when involved in a serious car crash, even before that point criss had a serious problem with drug abuse anyway.

Criss joined KISS again for a short time in the mid 90’s and again ended up leaving in 2004 and was replaced by Eric Singer, who is still part of KISS to this day.

This Halloween you can transform yourself into the “mad” drummer that is The Catman by dressing yourself in this awesome mask. The Catman Kiss Mask is made from full latext and other synthetic fibres, it’s of top quality. The mask depicts the classic Catman makeup as seen worn on stage by Criss and Singer, with the green eye surrounds, black lined whiskers and long flowing black hair.

This mask is perfect for any KISS fan and would go perfectly with a KISS Catman belt.

About KISS & Their Inception

It’s often difficult to try and think of any top class hard rock band without KISS coming to mind, since they launched themselves into the rock scene back in the 1970’s they’ve become one of the most known and move loved rocks bands across the US and across the entire world. Currently comprising of four members, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss and Paul Stanley, they have topped many album charts around the globe and sold over 90 million albums in their career.

The KISS members are also better known and referred to as Demon, Spaceman, Catman and Startchild and were born from Genie Simmon’s imagination. Gene had a macabre interest in horror films and comics which inspired the characters which we see on stage today but originally the band was very different. KISS emerged from a group called Wicked Lester…. continued below our masks.

During their time around the stages, KISS have had two other members, The Fox and The Ankh Warrior, both of who are no longer with the band.